"'So you think so shall you be'...I'm 53 years old and I finally understand what that means."


"Unexpressed emotions never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways"

- Sigmund Freud


"I ultimately learned that I change my thoughts and I can change my story. My story doesn't have to be one that's hurtful."


"The coaches are second to none. You get that empowerment, support, and love in a sisterhood."

Executive Beauty is an Intelligent Mindset

We cultivate 3 core intelligences in Godly women-leaders who believe they don't matter or aren't good enough because of a wound from a relationship with a trusted male. Through coaching and training, we raise her emotional, spiritual, and financial intelligence. She experiences confidence, self-worth, and a attitude about herself. Her

transformation reveals a beauty that she always had

but could not see.

An Intelligent Woman is Emotionally,

Spiritually, and Financially Beautiful

Emotional Beauty

A coaching course that teaches you how to solve your problems by understanding the power of your thoughts and emotions.

Spiritual Beauty

Sit in the Red Chair to gain spiritual insight and practical tips by two skilled coaches who laser-focus ONLY on YOU and a spiritual solution to your challenge.

Financial Beauty

Executive Beauty Business Academy raises women of faith to financial wealth by starting a business or growing a business they already have.

Executive Beauty Is A Mindset

Executive Beauty is an intelligent mindset. The Executive Beauty mindset is depicted by an attitude of confidence in one's emotional, financial, and spiritual beauty.

An Executive Beauty practices self-care as a necessity rather than as a luxury only the few can afford.

An Executive Beauty uses her money to serve a higher good and to build a financial legacy.

An Executive Beauty acknowledges God in everything she does.

Executive Beauty is a female-run partnership by Pamela Elaine Nichols and Cheryl A.S. Hurley. We are changing the way women look, feel, live, and love by cultivating their inner and outer beauty.

We deliver transformational training, webinars, coaching, and live discussions. You will gain self-confidence, self-worth, and a mindset shift. You will discover beauty that you always had but could not see.

We spent decades looking outside of our self to find what was always inside. Now, we help other women discover beauty a lot sooner than we did.

How Your Negative Thinking

Messes with Your Feelings -


Think you don't matter? Think you are not good enough? Take the e-course and learn to change your thinking so you can change your relationships, money, health, and life.

Red Chair Coaching

A unique experience where two coaches (not one) hack into your negative thoughts about yourself and offer positive solutions while LIVE with you on social media. Coaching occurs in their "Red Chair". You may think it's you in the HOT seat. They think it is you in the POWER seat. Find out how you can sit in their warm seat for Red Chair Coaching. Change your thoughts, change your life.

Executive Beauty Book

Financial Beauty is a mindset. Read this book and practice the lessons. In 30 days, you will have a new perspective about money, abundance, and wealth.