What is Executive Beauty?

Executive Beauty is a mindset. The Executive Beauty mindset is depicted by an attitude of confidence in one's emotional, financial, and spiritual strength.

  • An Executive Beauty practices self-care as a necessity rather than as a luxury only the few can afford.
  • An Executive Beauty uses her money to serve a higher good and to build a financial legacy.
  • An Executive Beauty acknowledges God in everything she does. 

Executive Beauty is a female-run partnership by Pamela Elaine Nichols and Cheryl A.S. Hurley. We are changing the way women look, feel, live, and love by cultivating their inner and outer beauty.

We offer training, webinars, coaching, and live discussions to help you use your executive beauty for your benefit and the benefit of others.

With passion and intuitiveness, we deliver exceptional services and create unique products for female professionals. 


Quick Links

Explore what we offer in Executive Beauty

Change Your Abundance Thoughts

30 Days to an Abundance Mindset book.


Think Again Training

Think you don't matter? Think you're not enough? THINK AGAIN! Register for the e-course and learn on your own time at your own pace.


2 Coaches 1 Quick Fix

What's better than 1 coach to jump-start positive thinking in your life? Two coaches! Sit in their Red Chair, tell us your mindset challenge, and let us offer you a tip to start thinking positively. 


Financial Beauty

Financial Beauty is a “How-To” Workbook purposefully designed to transform your attitude about and relationship with wealth so that you can have more of it. We expect that if you stay committed to this 30- Day Program, you will raise your awareness about spending, giving and saving.  


Emotional Beauty

Love Is The Practice of Selfish Generosity. Achieving happiness through the practice of Selfish Generosity means we must remain aware of some common thoughts that serve as the launching pad for negative behaviors.  This awareness can transform negative beliefs and/or thoughts into positive ones.  

Spiritual Beauty

Do you have a gentle and quiet spirit or are you giving in to the world’s pressure to try to define who you are? Having a beautiful spirit surpasses physical beauty because your soul won't require acceptance from society but assurance from God that you are His unique creation, therefore, BEAUTIFUL.


How Your Negative Thinking Messes with Your Feelings -eCourse

Think you don't matter? Think you are not good enough? Take the e-course and learn to change your thinking so you can change your relationships, money, health, and life. 


Red Chair Coaching

A unique experience where two coaches (not one) hack into your negative thoughts about yourself and offer positive solutions while LIVE with you on social media. Coaching occurs in their "Red Chair". You may think it's you in the HOT seat. They think it is you in the POWER seat. Find out how you can sit in their warm seat for Red Chair Coaching. Change your thoughts, change your life.


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