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Authenticity is Food for the Soul

Sep 04, 2022

Difficulties confront us on a daily basis. When we don’t know how to deal with them, we may put on a front that all is well when all really isn’t. 

We pretend. 

We hide. 

We shut ourselves off from others.

What we most need to do in difficult situations is make a choice: make a choice to be who we really are; express how we really feel; reach out to real friendships. 

In difficult situations, the most important thing is to stay true to yourself.

Authentic living is when we live with a greater sense of presence and understanding, thereby empowering us to walk in truth unapologetically. 

I've often heard we become the person we are through our choices. But how do we find God's way in these choices? 

Do we intentionally listen to that inner voice that is always available to guide us? 

Or do we struggle with knowing God's purposes for us? 

Here’s a fact: God gives every person a free choice and free will to live as s/he desires. This gift of freedom is the greatest gift that we have been given. God wants us to choose because He loves us not controls us; wants us to obey His perfect direction; and, wants our lives to model the blueprint of His will.

You always have the power of choice: the choice to be authentic and the choice to be inauthentic. That should feel liberating. It means that you can decide to be your authentic self and bring forth your greatness

This sounds simple, but it isn’t easy. 

What tends to get in your way of being your most authentic self?

Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy teaches us that each moment presents us with a choice. Whether we move forward into growth or remain stagnant or stuck is our choice.

Which do you prefer? To dwell in your comfort zone or step out in faith and walk in your truth?

One of the essential aspects of living an authentic life is finding a way to remove the barriers we create. The heart of authenticity involves:

  • Developing self-awareness

  • Deepening self-awareness

  • Accepting your unique differences

Consider 3 action steps you can take today to feed your soul and walk in authentic truth:

  1. Spend 10 minutes each day getting to know yourself

  2. Choose a difficult situation you are facing and ask yourself how you can solve it by being your authentic self

  3. Coach yourself to apply that solution and not pretend it away

You were empowered from the moment of birth to be uniquely you. 

So go do you, authentically! Peace, prosperity, and happiness will follow.


Executive Beauty Ministries is a mindset movement. We shift your beliefs about your outer beauty by first shifting your beliefs about your inner beauty.

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