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Inspiring the Minds of Men Blog: A Masculine Journey

Aug 26, 2022

I often wonder, “Who am I, when others seem to have the upper hand or act like I am better than them in life?”

“Am I good enough?”

“Why are my skills not comparable to those I admire?”

“What makes me different from him or her?”

“When will I become rich, famous, and charismatic like many others I see?”

“When will I have my turn?”

It's common for men to ask these questions of themselves. Unfortunately, many don't seek answers and live mundane and unfulfilling lives.


As men, the sum of who and what we are is infinite in scope and complexity, and our lives are purposeful and meaningful. When we compare who we are, what we do, or even our purpose to others, we weaken the excellence and intent of our Creator in making us. Men are hunters, builders, and providers. We embody the very attributes of God, which is why comparing ourselves to others will deny our greatness.


Now, it's wonderful to admire and even copy those who are mastering what they do within the stream of life. It is natural for us to emulate the skills and abilities of those who are good at what we do. This is part of living. However, it is unhealthy to emulate someone you admire mentally and emotionally.

Every man is different in his personality and has unique hopes, dreams, and aspirations, which makes him an individual. Yes, Former President Barack Obama is great. Michael Jordan was an outstanding basketball player. Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, JFK, and many others were extraordinary leaders. However, a man has to be what a man must be within his own reality.

To try to be someone or something that you are not is disempowering. Take what you have learned from emulating another and be the unique person you are.


In men, confidence, steadfastness, and security in oneself are, and should be, the long-term goal to achieve peace and sanctuary in our lives. The world is full of ugliness and strife, and this creates an atmosphere of comparison, crisis, and competition. In the transition from ugliness to beauty, from strife to peace, men should look towards an internal sanctuary that will ultimately evolve their spiritual self, bringing forth true virtue and giving them peace of mind.

According to Wikipedia, “Self-esteem is an individual's subjective evaluation of their own worth. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself and emotional states, such as triumph, despair, pride, and shame.” There is a place that is a sanctuary for all men. It exists somewhere between a treasured peace and the private realm of contemplation. Each man must find his own path to his sanctuary. And when he finds it, all the beauty and riches of this life can manifest.


A man's self-worth is directly correlated to who or what he believes himself to be. “As a man thinks, so is he.” This quote has been handed down through the ages and is true. Men are crafters of their own reality. We hold the promise of prosperity if we believe in ourselves without judgment and comparison. True self-worth belongs to those who believe in the power of positive transformation.

When will it be your turn? Your turn will come at the beautiful intersection of healthy comparison, positive emulation, increased self-esteem, and appealing self-worth.


Reginald S. Hurley, Sr.
Contributing Blogger for Executive Beauty Coaching
[email protected]

Executive Beauty Ministries is a mindset movement. We shift your beliefs about your outer beauty by first shifting your beliefs about your inner beauty.

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