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Self-Expression: The Real You We Want to See

Apr 07, 2022
Always Think Again Empowerment Coaching
Self-Expression: The Real You We Want to See

"People are like pieces of art. So, self-expression is like an art gallery."

- The Master Philosopher

Self-expression is the act that lowers your stress and elevates your self-worth.

Hiding who you really are is stressful and dulls your sense of purpose and joy.

The big fat secret is this: the you we really want to see is the you who is fully self-expressed.

Listen to this audio as often as you feel insecure about being you.


Pamela Elaine Nichols & Cheryl Hurley

Founders, Executive Beauty Ministries

Coach Instructors  "Think Again" Program 


Executive Beauty Ministries is a mindset movement. We shift your beliefs about your outer beauty by first shifting your beliefs about your inner beauty.

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