Executive Beauty Business Academy

Group coaching for serious Women of Faith who want to honor God in a business they've been dreaming about or grow a business they already started. 


Spiritual Principles

We extract spiritual principles from multiple sources, including the Bible, and apply them to your business or business idea.

Business Principles

No need to re-invent the wheel. There are many proven business principles. We use the best ones for your business. 

Community Support

We pray for each another and the success of your business or business idea. We support one another in buying & referring.

Do You Want to GO!


Do You Want to GROW!?


GO! AKA, Get started! GO! is for you if you are a serious Woman of Faith who is ready to start that business you have been dreaming about, but don't know where or how to start. Or, maybe you are simply afraid to start and need encouragement, a little hand-holding, and a lot of accountability. Maybe...you need help believing in yourself and in your idea.

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GROW! is for you if you are a serious Woman of Faith who has already launched a business and want to grow a little more or a lot more. You need guidance, tweaks, proven techniques to grow, and a community of other women who will support and pray for you. You need accountability and appropriate hand-holding without feeling guilty or not smart enough.

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We Raise Women of Faith to Wealth and Purpose

If you want to be wealthy, become a business owner. If you want to honor God with your wealth and use that wealth to make a difference on this earth, the Executive Beauty Business Academy (EBBA) is the place for you to learn and grow. EBBA isn't for any woman who wants to start a business or grow a business. EBBA is exclusively for the serious woman whose faith belongs to God. She is committed to a bigger vision: to do well by doing good. She understands that the wealth that will come from her business is her leverage to make a difference rather than a reason to be vain.



Acceptance into the Academy Is Limited

Acceptance into the Academy is limited to 10 serious Women of Faith. We have a respectful screening process that includes an application for eligibility and a 1:1 interview. Acceptance into the EB Business Academy is determined based on the screening process. Acceptance is exclusive and a privilege. We welcome you and treat you like a favorite sister.

Are you ready to GO! or GROW!?

Our first class of hand-selected Women of Faith begins soon.

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