The Executive-Beauty-Way®

The Executive-Beauty-Way® is made up of 3 pillars: Selfish-Generosity®, Empowerment Coaching, Mission & Money 



The practice of giving to yourself FIRST so you can generously give to others.

  • Invest in health, wealth, and happiness
  • Release relationships that no longer serve your highest good
  • Say "no", "not now", or "maybe later" more often
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Empowerment Coaching

We create a safe space.

  • Share the truth of who you are
  • Private and supportive group of women
  • Caring and empathic coaches
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Mission & Money 

Pursue significance and success will follow.

  • Money follows ministry
  • Steward over your money
  • Mission-driven women change communities
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What we believe...

“When a woman shares the truth of who she is, shame can no longer keep her silent.”

Pamela Elaine Nichols

“Beauty that comes from the inside out never fades.”


Cheryl Hurley

"Hope is the belief that your future can be better and you have the power to make it so.”

Dr. Chan Hellman

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