Belief in Your Greatness and Hope in Your Future Begins with Your Thoughts

The desire to believe YOU MATTER & ARE GOOD ENOUGH is yours to experience in this interactive, self-awareness coaching course called, "THINK AGAIN". Learn to turn on empowering thoughts and turn off disempowering feelings so you can have more happiness, prosperity, and success in your life. Enjoy the first 3 group coaching sessions completely FREE. No risk. No obligation.


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  • Weekly coaching from 2 intuitive facilitators
  • Access to the digital course & workbook
  • A community of support from other course participants
  • Training to turn on empowering thoughts and turn off disempowering feelings
  • An opportunity to share your self-awareness "awakenings"
  • An invitation to take the full course
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  • 3 complimentary group coaching sessions
  • Problem-solving with two dynamic coach-facilitators
  • Access to training videos (during trial only)
  • Free Publication (from our library)
  • Opportunity to share your "Think Again" testimonial for publication
  • Invitation to join the full course

"Your Life Will Follow The Story You Tell Yourself"

Dr. Renai Ellison is our student in the "Think Again" online course. Listen to how her testimonial can help you tell yourself a different story.


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Tell Yourself A Negative Story Long Enough And You Will Believe It!

But there is a simple solution to this bad habit.

You criticize yourself...a lot. You criticize your boss, your partner, your co-worker, your neighbor, your parents, your siblings, your child, etc.

The reason you criticize yourself and others isn't all that complicated. You are simply unaware that you have been telling a "story" to yourself about yourself and about others. That story goes something like this: "I don't matter" or "I am not enough".

You don't know it, but when you tell yourself the story "I don't matter" or "I am not enough", you feel bad. Those bad feelings cloud your judgment about others. Conflict erupts, hurt feelings last, jealousy rears its head, and you get into a rut you can't get out of. 

We have a solution for you: change your thoughts to change your story. Change your story and master your life.

Human beings MUST make sense out of their experiences. We call this “attaching meaning” OR “creating a story” OR “creating a narrative”. These expressions are used in psychology. We are going to use “creating a story” as the term for this explanation. The “story” you tell yourself about that experience is the same as the THOUGHTS and FEELINGS you have about the experience. Sometimes the “story” (same as your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS) that you tell yourself about an experience is not helpful or productive. You will know it is not helpful or productive by the way you FEEL about the experience, by the ACTIONS you take, and by the RESULTS you get.

Testimonials about the "Think Again" Coaching Program

These women are experiencing better relationships, deeper connections, and greater self-confidence after participating in the "Think Again" coaching program. Their lives have changed because they changed the way they think about themselves.

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"You Must Believe You Matter & You Are Enough"

Negative thoughts you have about yourself are holding you back from happiness, romance, money, promotion, friendship, health, and any goal you want to achieve. In this e-course taught by Pamela Elaine Nichols and Cheryl Hurley, you will hear the lessons they learned and the struggles they help their clients overcome in this empowering e-course.


Purchase the e-course today and receive a 20% discount on any pricing option.


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